Welcome Will Francis! Our New Help Me Grow Regional Care Coordinator!

Meet Will Francis, our new Help Me Grow Regional Care Coordinator Help_Me_Grow_logo_update

As the Help Me Grow Care Coordinator for Wiregrass United Way 2-1-1, I’ll be connecting the parents and caregivers of children experiencing developmental delays or disorders with local resources and information that can help that child’s specific needs. All 2-1-1 callers with children under the age of 8, will be given information on Help Me Grow, and asked if they would like to enroll. We assist with early detection in underserved communities, providing screenings that track physical, cognitive, and emotional milestones during the most formative times in young childhood. If any concerns are raised by the screening, we connect them with the appropriate agencies that can address these issues and start the care process. To best serve these families, I’ll be working directly with programs, as well as doctors, in the Wiregrass to ensure we are always aware of available resources.12194521_996929090371331_1510824593915040072_o

If you feel that your child may have developmental issues and you are interested in the Help Me Grow program, Dial 2-1-1, Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:00 pm and ask for Will.

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