Goal of 2-1-1

The goal of 2-1-1 is to help solve problems and meet the needs of southeast Alabama by connecting people with resources and services that can make a difference.

Get Help

Do I need to come to the call center or can you help me over the phone?

People needing assistance do not have to make a visit to the call center. Requests for assistance typically are handled over the phone. Our operators can even text and email information to people while they are on the phone with them.

What information will I need to give when I call asking for help?

A 2-1-1 Call Specialists will ask for the caller’s name, but that information isn’t required — we want our callers to feel respected and comfortable. For the vast majority of services, the operator must know the need (e.g., affordable housing, food, etc.) and the ZIP code where the person or family lives. Because age is tied to many programs, knowing how old the person in need is can help the operator find other services that could meet their needs.

How is my information handled when I call for help?

Information about callers isn’t shared with third parties and operators need very little personal information to help callers get assistance.

May I make a call on behalf of someone else?

Yes, if someone in need is unable to make the call, another person can talk to the 2-1-1 Call Specialist.

When is the call center open?

The 2-1-1 Call Specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How is calling 2-1-1 more effective?

2-1-1 Call Specialists can search the database and tell callers when the organizations they need to connect with will be available. For example, if an organization only sees walk-in clients Thursdays, the operator will tell the caller that and save them from making trips when no one can see them. Plus, 2-1-1 operates 24/7 — someone always answers the phone at Wiregrass United Way 2-1-1.

Give Help

Is one time of the year better than another to give help?

No. The needs of many people in our community aren’t limited to only the holidays and need attention all during the year.

How can I give help to my community?

In addition to donations of furniture, clothes, food, — to name a few of the items, volunteers are need in your local community. 2-1-1 will refer you to those agencies.

How can I help ensure Wiregrass United Way 2-1-1 continues its mission?

Volunteers are needed to give their time to answer phones and staff special events. Tell your friends and neighbors about 2-1-1. Wiregrass United Way 211 depends upon the donations of good people just like you. Please consider supporting us in our mission to make sure people are connected with the help and resources they need. You can make a one-time donation or join our 2-1-1 Club. Click on the “Donate” tab for more details.